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New Release Listing

New Release Listing

Do you have a new release and need extra exposure? The New Release Listing is a great way to introduce readers to your new ebook. 

All New Release Listings must have been published within the last 150 days (roughly within five months of publication). The New Release listing does not require the minimum ten reviews. However if the title has any reviews at all, it still must carry at least a rating of 3.9 stars.

What you can expect:

  • A listing on our homepage.
  • Your book will be listed in our Twitter feed and posted on our Facebook page.
  • And it will be emailed to our subscribers (usually around 7 AM PST).

(The listing will be posted typically between 8PM and 11:59PM the day before the actual listing date. Example: if you have a listing for 11/25/13, your book will usually be listed after 8PM on 11/24/13. The listing will be posted for 20 to 24 hours).

To request a New Release Listing, please do so by clicking the button below. If your book meets our guidelines you will be sent an invoice from PeopleReads via PayPal.